a_planeswalker (a_planeswalker) wrote in songdedications,

Death Nun Rocks My World

1) Anyone who's every been alone, everyone who is alone, and myself
2) These tears are for me - Death Nun and the Exploding Clergy
3) I Think of this song because i break out crying at scout camp crying for myself, especially the last line
These Tears Are For Me
Death Nun and the Exploading Clergy

I can't explain why I cry
Why a tear stains my eye
I can't explain how i feel
When I know the feelings arn't real

But When i cry, that's when I see
It's that these tears, Are really for me
I feel no remose for what happened to you
Except that I caused it to happen to me too
I live a life wrapped up in myself
I live a poison to emotional health

People love me, but they can't say
That they love me in that special way.
"Lets just be friends" haunts me inside
I wish I could run from the pain I hide.

And as i lie here, awake and alone
You lie there, warm in your suburban home.
And in 10 years you will have no memory
Of how much pain I carry in me


I leave you crying
a broken heap
The poison i planted, the crops i reap
But now I'm older, and carry it unseen
When you new love makes me turn green

My friends see me and ask why
I tell them its for you I cry
That I miss you and need you
But i'm really crying for a lie

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